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October 8

It was a cold winters day

on December 24 when i was borned... My mom new I would be a preformer the 2nd I was cut out of her stomach because I cried.

so it was pretty clear I was desstined to be on stage. My mom decided early on that she wanted to homeschol me because of all the porn in school these days. I started putting on musicals in my backyard at ay oung age and thats when my mom realized a star had been born from her. i got the lead in every show i wrote and won many awards.

After years of preforming for my mom, uncle and grandparents, I decided it was time that the rest of the world found out how famous i was. so i started posting videos on you tubes of myself singing to my cats to my cats to get the word out about my fam.e

All of the sudden everyone in the world started talking about me.

My plan totally worked! i now have over 32 and a half MILLION views on youtube and i have travelled to New York, Lost Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, miami, london, Australia,

The Irelands, canadia and of course Penssilvania.

i'm probably the most famoustest person i know.

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