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Leanne Morgan

April 15-18

One of the many great things about stand-up comedy is the widely varied circumstances under which people decide they're going to climb onstage and tell jokes--the where, when and how. Some started as precious teen-agers, needing their parents to drive them to the club--or sneaking out of the house if their parents didn't approve. Some, on the other hand, not only waited `til they were a number if years older to try stand-up, but often did so after launching careers as teachers, corporate honchos, lawyers, sales types, etc. As varied as these approaches are, what has still happened quite rarely over the years: A woman who's a mother of multiple children. Roseanne did it most famously (in all sense of that word), and a fistful of others have gone down this route, from The Mommies to Mrs. John Hughes. But because it is so rare, it's notable when a newcomer ambles onto the scene--like Leanne Morgan. And certain details can make the saga even more interesting.

For instance, Morgan, who has three children, was raised in rural Tennessee, growing up on a farm amidst a truly extended family--not exactly a standard profile for a comedian, but very much a key element of Morgan's act. And trying her hand at comedy certainly forced her to carve her own path: Living in rural Appalachia didn't make it too easy to get started--there wasn't exactly a Funny Bone there, where she could hit an open mike night. Indeed, her first performance was hosting a local variety show for a men's civic club, but she obviously had something going for her--and was bit by the comedy bug, because this engagement begot several appearances in local East Tennessee coffeehouses and eventually lotsa corporate gigs. She was on her way as a stand-up, she's since relocated to San Antonio, and while her family life means she's never likely to be a hardcore road warrior, she does play some selected club dates--and we at Cap City are thrilled to have her!


With David Angelo