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Laugh Dammit!

September 9

Laugh, Dammit!, a live game show where contestants are challenged NOT to laugh, is now a regular feature of the Cap City Comedy Club calendar and is coming off hilarious and successful shows at The Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival and The Austin Sketch Fest. Laugh, Dammit! provides a panel of super surprise comedian panelists, a bizarre cast of characters, prizes for the most stoic contestants, and plenty of laughs for everyone else.

Featuring: David James (our distinguished host), Roxy Castillo (our lovely assistant), Duncan Carson (our knowledgable announcer), Cobb Gutman (Professional Roadie), and our comedian panelists Scott Hardy (grandson of Gladys Hardy from Ellen), John Merriman ( Pictures of Superheros, You Hurt My Feelings ), Andrew Rosas (Stag Comedy, Master Pancake Theater), Courtney Sevener (The Hustle Show), and David Jara (Master Pancake Theater, The Hustle Show).

This show's movie theme: Karate Kid