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Josh Blue

This is a CapCity Special Event!

November 10-12

Josh Blue has been a fast-rising star since first appearing on Comedy
Central’s “Mind of Mencia” before gaining the attention and
endearment of the country as a favorite on NBC’s “Last Comic
Standing.”  Josh is a diverse and triumphant individual - hilarious
stand-up comedian, stand-out guest star on television, talented artist,
and stellar U.S. Paralympic Soccer player – refusing to bow to any of
the challenges that come from living with Cerebral Palsy.  Blue jokes,
“I realize that people are going to stare so I want to give them
something to stare at.”  Josh uses his incredible sense of humor and
versatile persona to defy stereotypes and encourage others to
overcome their preconceived notions about people who are considered
“disabled.”  His unique brand of “reverse teasing” affords him the
great joy of “humbling condescending people.”  Josh’s stand-out
performances at the 2004 Las Vegas Comedy Festival earned him
$10,000 as Grand Prize Winner of the Royal Flush Comedy
Competition.  He has appeared on NBC, MSNBC, FOX News, and Fox
Sports Net.  In 2005, Josh emerged as a major force on the college
circuit with Main Stage Showcases that garnered rave reviews and a
helped earn him a nomination for BEST DIVERSITY EVENT OF 2006 by
APCA.  A Lewis & Clark College programmer remarked “Not only did
Josh Blue receive a standing ovation, but he was the funniest
comedian of the entire three day convention.”  From comedy clubs and
corporate events, wherever he takes the stage Josh elicits a wildly
appreciative crowd response.  His uncanny ability to improvise with
any audience coupled with comedic timing rarely found in a performer
of his age has enabled Josh to rapidly develop a fan base across the
country.  His rise is perhaps best described by a well known club
theater engagements to college campuses and
owner following a recent show when he exclaimed:
“Josh is rolling like a ROCK STAR!”

With Danny Palumbo