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May 28

Craig Shoemaker is a modern day renaissance man. Best known for his engaging, relatable standup and his iconic baritone-voiced character The Lovemaster, Craig is far more than the jokes he tells on stage. He has shot multiple stand-up specials for TV, starred in numerous films, written two children's books, performed for four US Presidents, invented On Hold Advertising, and even has his doctorate and is an ordained minister. Craig most recently taped his latest hour special, Daditude, to a sold out crowd at the Webb Theatre in Orange County and wrapped a co-starring role in Should've Been Romeo.

A natural storyteller with keen observational instincts, Shoemaker's performances are informed by the hilarious and often shocking twists and turns of his own life. He's been skydiving, hang gliding, and scuba diving; he's piloted a fighter jet and completed the LA Marathon. Where a feat like bungee jumping is a point of pride for most, Shoemaker ruins the curve by doing so from a hot air balloon. He isn't just a daredevil, however; he's earned his reputation as one of the smartest and funniest comics working today.

Craig has had his own nationally syndicated radio show, which after only ten months on the air, won the prestigious Communicator Award "Crystal" prize. Two of Craig's stand-up comedy routines made it to the Top 10 list on XM Radio, with "Playing Army" ranking #1. His "Lovemaster" routine was voted Most Popular Comedy on XM Radio's Big Schtick Awards.

His film and television credits read like a who's who of Hollywood A-listers. He has shared both the big and the small screen with luminaries like Will Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, Andy Griffith, Ed Asner, Don Knotts, and Reese Witherspoon. His comedy stylings have earned him numerous awards throughout his extensive career, including Comedian of the Year at ABC's 1998 American Comedy Awards. His work as a writer, actor, and producer for the regional TV network PRISM also earned Shoemaker two Emmy awards.

Craig's latest one-hour special aired on Comedy Central titled, The Lovemaster... Unzipped and the CD was on the Billboard Top 20 for six straight weeks. His half-hour Comedy Central special was voted by viewers as one of the "Top 20" stand-up specials of all time.

Craig began his career in his hometown of Philadelphia, where he honed his comedy and characters winning the "Best of Philly" Award while working as a bartender and attending Temple University. As a voiceover artist, Craig's dead-on impression of Don Knotts was featured in the film Pleasantville (which he also played the narrator) and has voiced many hit animated series.

In June 2010, Craig received a doctorate in Humanities from his alma mater, California University of Pennsylvania, recognizing his humanitarian work he has performed over the last several years.

It's been proven many times over that with laughter comes healing, and Shoemaker is passionate about using his celebrity to help those in need. In 2003, he founded the Laughter Heals Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to raising awareness of the healing power of laughter. The Foundation conducts programs in hospitals and after-care facilities that initiate healing through laughter. Shoemaker's most recent project combines his passion for social cause with his love of laughter. An ordained minister, Shoemaker is now helping couples sustain rich and humor-filled lives by bringing them together in holy "ha-hatrimony." Gay or straight, young or old, Shoemaker is helping infuse the culture of coupling with laughter, longevity, and love.

As founder and CEO of, Shoemaker is dedicated to making you laugh - any time and for any reason. Whether on stage, screen, or bookshelf, "the lovemaker" is bringing laughter, healing, and unconventional fun to America today.

Currently, Craig is producing and writing a feature documentary called Live to Laugh along with Mark Harris (Crash, Gods & Monsters) and Dr. Michael Beckwith (The Secret, Oprah).

Craig is happily married and has three sons, Justin, Jared and Jackson.

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