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Bengt Washburn

May 25-28

Hi, I'm Bengt. Its pronounced bent, like the past participle of the verb to bend. It is a Swedish name. I didn't grow up in Sweden. I grew up in a small Mormon family (7 kids) in a large Mormon town (2,000 people) in Utah. My dad is a psychiatrist. My mom is a frustrated writer (7 kids) with a masters degree in English and a penchant for weird names.

To my mom weird names made perfect sense.

"Well I don't want my kids having to worry about sharing their names with other kids in their class at school!"

Mission accomplished. In fact I was possibly the only Bengt in the Western hemisphere, and my brother Taffeth? Taffeth is ancient Welsh for David. Thats right, my mom dug up a prehistoric name from a dead language. Who does that?

"Well we were going to go with THOG, but then we had a boy..."

Taffeth is pretty rare. In fact we did a Google search and their hasn't been a Taffeth in about three hundred years. There are no Taffeths alive in this world or even the World of Warcraft... so he was definitely safe during any roll call.

I performed my first original stand up comedy routine in high school. After killing at the Homecoming assembly, seriously considered going into showbiz but after consulting with my parents and religious leaders I decided I would rather get into heaven. For the next decade I tried to do everything I needed to do to go to heaven. Like most young Mormon boys I sacrificed two peak sexual years on the alter of missionary work. At the age of 19 I was given two polyester suits, a ten speed bike and a plane ticket to Seattle, Washington. I pedaled up and down the hilly streets of Seattle and Tacoma for two years knocking on strangers' doors and bringing up religion. I completed my service in 1986, returning home to Utah with nerves (and buns) of steel and, even though I didn't know it at the time, twenty minutes of solid material. I currently view myself as an unaccomplished Mormon. My High School English Teacher viewed me as "an intellectual with an imp's perspective" who she would always remember for my "utter lack of discipline".

My act is usually described as intelligent, whereas I myself am usually described as dim, ditzy, neurotic and logistically impaired. As standup comics go I am fairly prolific. I have produced a DVD, "Mormon Meets World", and three CDs, "Get Bengt", "Hell Bengt" and "Bengt on Destruction". All three of my CDs can be heard playing everyday on XMRadio.

My act is always evolving. It is sometimes topical, often autobiographical, at times poignant, mostly true, usually sorta clean but sometimes adult in content, and hopefully hilarious.

With Danny Palumbo