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Bobby Lee

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May 8-11

Bobby Lee is a Korean American comedian who most recently starred in the television series MADtv, where he played most of the Asian roles on the show. Among his recurring characters is the Average Asian who grows increasingly aggravated at stereotypes of Asians, and an impersonation of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. His most famous character, however, is Bae Sung, the Korean-Japanese-Chinese-American, who claims be multilingual, but in actuality speaks the "Dumb-ass language". The character of Bae Sung does "know" a little of each language he claims to speak, but Bobby Lee only knows Korean. Bae Sung actually speaks only Korean, but the caption marks it as "speaking in Japanese/Chinese", despite the fact he speaks fluent Korean. Not all his characters are Chinese or Korean-based, however. In one skit he was called Kim Chee, a Filipino custodian who speaks little English and works minimum wage. Often he encourages the abuse of his pain by shouting "Help me! I'm a slave here!" Aside from Bae Sung, Bobby Lee has done other unusual skits. Frequently he plays Connie Chung, mocking her and her relationships with the media. Finally, Chung decides to work at a fast food restaurant and film her TV program during her lunch breaks. A lesser-known character played by Lee is Tank, an otherwise clumsy and overconfident single man trying his best to attract a woman as a rice boy with a green Daewoo. His ways seem a bit obscure, and they put a possible family relative in places from the trunk of the Daewoo to a Whack-A-Mole game in an arcade. Unlike Bae Sung or Connie Chung, Tank's Asian behaviors are much more subtle. He has also played the famous American Idol star William Hung, primarily mocking his voice, Chinese accent, and "Asian vampire" teeth. Finally he films his daily routine in a program called "24: by Bobby Lee". Bobby Lee is also the name of a character on the Canadian animated series, Odd Job Jack. Bobby Lee was in a commercial for IBM's Helpdesk which aired during the 2005 U.S. Open.

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